Book review: Going off script


Going off script, by Giuliana Rancic

I admit, I have never watched a single episode of Fashion Police, I was aware of Guiliana being an E! correspondent and the young protégée of Joan Rivers.
Most recently Giuliana made headlines criticizing Zendaya Coleman’s hair style. I felt sorry for her enduring very heavy backlash when even Zendaya Coleman herself said that it takes character to apologize.

I did not know that Giuliana is actually a dual citizen. She hails from Naples in Italy originally and immigrated to the States as a child. Her childhood and teenage years were riddled by emerging scoliosis. It is very interesting how she describes her bond with her sister Monica throughout the book. I wish she would have given that storyline more emphasis. In the beginning there seemed to be an intense rivalry which later evolved to a very close bond. I know that George Clooney is a better selling point, but I would have loved learning more about the women in her family that made her strong as a woman. The celebrity encounters she describes in the book are funny and witty but I honestly find her personal health struggles much more compelling.
Also what I really appreciate she is a woman in a male industry that made it to the top through hard work. She has earned the respect of her colleagues and most of all she enjoys what she does. I cannot stress how important that is to choose a profession you will actually enjoy.

Her marriage does seem a little too good to be true, so it was very enjoyable and fun when she gave an example of an on air dialogue and the what she and her husband where actually thinking or trying to say between the lines. It is great that she also includes a story about a truly horrible boyfriend, proving that if as a woman you choose the wrong man once does not mean you have bad taste in men eternally.

Her husband must be a wonderful human being, which was highlighted by how they got engaged. For months he would contact jewelers around the country to order bags of diamonds, only to sift through them with his mother and sister to pick the most perfect ones until he had enough diamonds to complete an engagement ring. If you do something, you gotta do it right or not at all. That man is gold , period.

All in all, I enjoyed the book very much. I finished it during two beach days. It is a very pleasant read, Giuliana articulates herself very well.  Yes, this mind sound weird, but there are so many celebrity autobiographies out there with terrible writing style. Again, I would have loved to read more about the women in her life.  I think she is a terrific person to look up to and the modeling picture on the back of her book cover only proves that she has good humor.


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